This Local is dedicated to free trade unionism and the support and promotion of the principles of democracy.

It is our goal to achieve job security, equality under the law, a living wage and safe working conditions for workers within our jurisdiction and to assist in securing these same benefits for other locals of the International, Further purposes of this Local are to promote solidarity within its membership: establish and maintain positive relationships with employers; provide skilled, reliable workers to the industry; and strengthen bonds and alliances within the labor movement.

This local shall strive to improve existing contracts and work to organize new ones; engage in respectful negotiations with employers; provide fair and consistent support to all members; address problems when they arise and resolve them equitably and in a timely manner; encourage good fellowship and clear and open communication between members, between this Local and employers, and between this Local and others in the International; and to uphold professional standards in all its dealing with the industry and the labor movement,

By these methods, and through all other appropriate means sanctioned by the International, this Local seeks to improve conditions for all workers.

– Local 784 Constitution Article II Purposes and Methods, Sections 1 & 2